Funks Engineering is a multi-discipline engineering consulting company committed to providing our Clients with “High Quality” and “High Value” Engineering Services and Consulting.  Our diverse staff is comprised of experienced individuals whose expertise in the Power Generation and Oil and Gas Industries is unprecedented.  By minimizing overhead costs, we can directly pass savings to our Clients without impacting quality.

Mission Statement:

Provide our Clients with high value engineering, design, and consulting while fulfilling their goals and exceeding their expectations.


General Information

Funks Engineering is an engineering services and consulting company with the ability to perform small to medium sized multi-discipline projects.  We have partnerships and engineering agreements with other similar minded construction and engineering companies that enable us to load projects appropriately with manpower to meet our Clients’ schedule demands and needs.

Funks Engineering performs work to the highest quality possible considering our Clients’ schedules and budgets.  We have developed the reputation with our Clients to go the extra mile and exceeding their expectations.  We work with our Clients’ Contractors during fabrication and erection throughout the life of each project, supporting our Clients to the full extent of our capabilities, as we understand most of them carry massive workloads.  Our goal is to relieve as much of this workload as possible, while providing success for these projects.  Funks Engineering is focused on the Power Generation and Oil and Gas Industries, proving and expanding our capabilities on every project.  Every document is QA/QC audited prior to being submitted as a deliverable.  This is another level of insurance that every project is to the professional standards held by Funks Engineering and our Clients.

Our Core Values

  • Technical excellence in our disciplines
  • Exceed Client expectations
  • Integrity
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Quality
  • Ability to provide leadership in innovative multi-disciplinary teams
  • Commitment to ethical professional conduct and practice
  • Safety
  • Effective communication