• Integrator of “The” Thermal Pyrolytic Conversion Technology, Pyrocon, chosen by the DOD for Thermal Waste Treatment.

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In recent years Waste to Energy (WTE) and Biomass to Power Generation has transcended several generations of progress. Traditional Stoker type furnaces utilizing direct combustion or incineration have been the preferred technologies of choice to convert both biomass and waste products to heat, steam, and ultimately power.

Most of the currently operating WTE facilities were built prior to 1990.  For the WTE industry, these technologies have gained a public reputation of being uncontrolled high pollution generating facilities.These facilities were known to generate large quantities of Dioxins and Furans. Since the Clean Air Act of 1990, these facilities have been retrofitted with acid gas scrubbing technologies, and incorporate activated carbon injection to scrub the dioxins and furans from the flue gas with very high success in removal. Though these facilities have been cleaned up and meet the EPA Emission Standards, they still have the stigma of unclean technologies.

Todays advanced thermal conversion technologies, are paving a road to a clean slate for WTE and biomass. Thermal conversion technologies include gasification and pyrolysis. Each technology offers very distinct advantages:



  • Is not affected by changing fuels
  • Requires an external Heat Source
  • Can be utilized for WTE and is Easily Scalable
  • Adjusts to changing moisture content
  • Recoginized by CALRECYCLE, CODHS as ideal technology for waste destruction after recycling
  • Can be an extremely clean and responsible method of managing waste.


  • Requires a very specific fixed feedstock
  • Generates its own conversion Energy
  • Can Be utilized for WTE with limitations at smaller sizes
  • Consistent Moisture Content Required
  • No clear definition differentiating Gasification from Incineration where technologies have taken advantage providing gasification as a clean technology while providing the same standards as incineration. This has gained a low public opinion of certain technologies.
  • Can be an extremely clean and responsible method of managing waste.

Our Solution

We are the integrator of “The” Thermal Pyrolytic Conversion technology, PYROCON, LLC. This technology has been selected by the Department of Defense as a chosen technology for Thermal Waste Treatment.



List of Ongoing & Complete Renewable Energy Projects

1 Megawatt Waste to Energy Facility (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management)


We are experts in all three conversion processes. We believe in the EPA Philosphy:

✓ Reduce

✓ Reuse

✓ Recycle

✓ Convert Remaining to Energy

We bring experience in the following:

✓ Siting Studies

✓ Flow Studies

✓ Waste Sort Analysis

✓ Feasibility

✓ Finance

✓ Detailed Design

✓ Operations and Maintenance

Our People are involved with the Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and have performed work for Department of State, Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Public Utilities, and Private Utilities.